Eugenia Steingold, Ph.D

NYS Licensed Psychologist, Board Certified Psychotherapist

Does your child ignore you?
Do you not know how to get her attention?
Does your child struggle making friends?
Is she being unreasonable and difficult to understand?
Does he throw heavy tantrums or become suddenly aggressive?
Does she struggle with language, attention, socialization and relatedness?

There is hardly anything more difficult or scary for a parent than realizing that your child struggles with her ability to learn, develop and function normally. The developmental ladder that every child has to climb seems to be out of reach for your child, and relating to her becomes increasingly difficult. Whether your concern is cognitive or speech delay, mood disturbances or behavioral problems, you should trust your worry and seek professional help. The good news is that correct and early evaluation and an appropriate, individually calibrated intervention is very effective in treating many of children's psychological disorders.

I am a NYS licensed psychologist and an American Psychotherapy Association's Board certified psychotherapist, with specialization in child development.  In my practice, I treat Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit Disorders, Depression, Anxiety and Phobias as well as various behavioral, emotional and cognitive problems not grasped by a specific diagnosis. In addition, I conduct neuropsychological testing and provide therapy for parents and parental training.

I am fully bilingual (English/Russian) and provide therapy in both languages.